No doubt, having a high search engine ranking is very important to a home business owner as it will increase their business revenue. Much money have been spend on search engine optimization software, books, ebook and SEO services in order to obtain a high ranking website.

No doubt, having a high search engine ranking is very important to a home business owner as it will increase their business revenue. Much money have been spend on search engine optimization software, books, ebook and SEO services in order to obtain a high ranking website.

The goal of every webmaster for their website is to obtain the HIGHEST ranking available in google. However, the algorithm of google kept changing and it is not an easy task to reach that status.

There are many OPEN secrets on how you can obtain a high ranking in the world largest search engine “google”.

The top open secret is to obtain reciprocal links by exchanging link with other website or one way back linking via article writing, forum posting or even blogging. So if every webmaster have done that, then wouldn’t all of them obtain a high ranking.

As the largest search engine, google wouldn’t be that dumb to just obtain the results just because a website has many thousands of links pointing to it. What usually happened is that if the knowledge is available to many of the webmaster, google engineers would know the strategy that millions of webmaster are applying.

It will then lower the points given to linking and create new linking criteria such as:
– the number of relevant links pointing to the website
– the number of irrelevant links pointing to the website
– the number of relevant outgoing links pointing to other website
– the rank of the back linking website
– the anchor text used during the linking etc.

As you can see, a high ranking strategy is a never ending ball game. The search engine criteria results will always be changing and it will always remain an Internal Top Secrets for the Search Engine Companies. However, what google and other search engine wants to achieve is that no one can or should be able to manipulate their search results. The end users of the search engine will be to obtain nothing but RELEVANT results that they are searching for.

All this is not that bad because it give new webmaster and their website a chance in the google search engine. As long as your website contents are fresh, unique and relevant, it will stand a great chance of begin display in the google search engine results. Google employed many smart software engineers and any loop holes which webmaster tried to exploit now will eventually be cover up. Many webmasters have learn the hard way after their website are penalized for trying to exploit some of the search
engine weakness.

Therefore, do what you can to make your website search engine friendly but don’t focus too much on your search engine ranking. There are also other useful Internet Advertising method such as PPC Search Engine Advertising, Forum Posting, Blogging etc.

Wishing you success in advertising your Internet Business Website.


Your Web Site Generating any Business – intermet

Is your web site generating the traffic and/or actual business you originally thought it would?

Many Realtors are realizing that just having a web site is not a panacea to generating sales. Through a very small informal survey, (that I personally conducted with fifty San Diego
REALTORS) I’ve concluded that the average Realtor’s web site generates less than 50 unique hits per month. Unique hits are single page views from one URL within a 24hr. period. This is very important because many people confuse hits with unique hits. The problem is that simplistic tracking tools may only track hits. A hit, within this context, usually includes the individual visitors and the total number of graphics that load when that page is visited. So, one visit could show as six hits if the page visited has five graphics!

Worse, the vast majority of agents have not generated any actual sales from their sites in over a year.

However, justhaving a web presence, will in most cases not pay for your site hosting fees. I have outlined five tips that could improve your web traffic and client generating potential below.

#1. Name your site to be found. Select a URL that incorporates some of your keywords. Consumers search by key words, such as the city or neighborhood they want to live in. Which site do you think would generate more search engine hits: or (Interested in owning this Optimized Rancho Santa Fe URL? Now about one for La Jolla or Coronado? . . . send an email to )

Even if you have great name recognition in your local neighborhood, a relocation buyer considering Rancho Santa Fe will most definitely find the second site before the first. Result: Incorporating key words into your URL will increase your chances of being found in a key word search. CLICK HERE to see what url can own thru Network Solutions, the 1st. & largest register of URL’s!.

#2. Be wary of placing ‘Free’ content links on your site. Many site enhancements such as links to weather, maps, newsletters, etc., take your hard won visitors off your site, and in many cases they never return. Worse yet, when viewing off site information, your potential clients have a high probability of being exposed to your competition’sad or banner. All of the ‘Free’ information links earn revenue from selling ads. The same is true of many banner exchanges. Do you really want to join a banner program where your competitor’s banner is exposed on your site?

#3. Hire a professional. Unless you have the time and talent to create a good site, leave it to a professional web designer. Preview their other sites before hiring them. (click here to view a $199 web site design special )

#4. Beware of the mass real estate ‘cookie-cutter’ web site design packages. Although relatively low cost, many do not give you up-date control. Plus, except for a page or two of individualized pages, the content of these sites are the same for hundreds of your competitors. Your site will never stand out by going this route.

#5. Use the tricks ISPs use. Try this: in your favorite browser, type in your URL domain name e.g., ( but, omit the www. prefix! Could you access your site? If not, you probably received a “404 URL NOT FOUND” error message and this means
you are losing potential traffic! Top Internet Service Providers (ISPs) program their servers to access sites without the www. prefix. If you could not access your site with the above test, a simple call to your ISP should resolve this immediately.